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Jim Imeson Bike It Officer, Sustrans

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Working with schools as a Bike It officer I have found that there is a real gap in cycle training for children below year 5 when Bikeability is offered. Balanceability offers the perfect solution to this gap in skills development, I was extremely impressed when I saw it run at one one my Bike It schools, as were the teachers and parents. For many pupils it gave them the confidence and enthusiasm to practice their cycling at home with their families and as a consequence when I run events at this school the level of cycling competency is very high right from Reception pupils throughout the school.

I have also noticed that since the Balanceability training more pupils come to school with balance bikes rather than bikes with stabilisers which I much prefer because balance bikes develop the children's cycling skills much quicker and are more fun to use. Parents were very supportive of the training and it has helped me get them more involved with the Bike It project which is fantastic.

Jim Imeson
Bike It Officer, Sustrans
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