Welcome to Balanceability

Balanceability is the UK’s first and only accredited learn to cycle programme. It helps teach children aged two and a half to six how to enhance physical literacy and master all aspects of static and dynamic balance.

Using ergonomic balance bikes - which is a lightweight child’s bike with no pedals or stabilisers - children run along whilst seated and push off the ground to create forward propulsion and dynamic balance.

Balanceability on The Cycle Show courtesy of Century TV/The Cycle Show.

The 12-week programme eradicates the need for stabilisers and promotes balance – the fundamental skill required to ride a bicycle safely and confidently.

Each session follows a carefully structured lesson plan designed to help children develop gross motor skills, spatial awareness and bilateral co-ordination.

Children as young as four are able to transition to a pedal bike in a safe manner and are set on their way to continue their fun packed and rewarding journey...

Balanceability is the UK's first and only accredited 'learn to cycle' programme for children aged 2½ to 6 years old.

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